Welcome to my world! I’m a 34 year old Mum to a gorgeous cuddly giggly girl born October 2014.. She has changed my life in ways I never thought possible and I cannot put in to words how much I adore her. I miss her when she is asleep, I stare at her when she is playing, I spend entire days trying to make her to laugh.

I worry constantly that I’m doing it all wrong, I feel lonely, I feel like the day she was born my life changed so much that the old me is lost and sometimes I miss the old me, then I feel guilty for thinking that.

I live with my husband and baby and cat in Ealing. I want a dog but think it’s too much responsibility.

I swear too much and worry that the other NCT mums don’t like me because of it.

I love white wine.

I love chocolate.

I don’t have any hobbies unless you include watching TV.

I haven’t done exercise since 2013 (before bump).