1) Putting my baby in clothes.. (I wouldn’t)

For some reason and probably in line with what I saw around me at the time I thought that after 1 month my baby should wear ‘proper clothes’ especially when leaving the house. Looking back at photos of her at about 6 weeks old in a pair of jeans and a top and I realise how ridiculous it was.

Doing in again baby would be in a baby grow until 3 months minimum.. maybe 6 months.

They should be as comfortable during the day as they are at night. If they need an extra layer then a cardigan or a jumper is the way to go.

2) Buy a moses basket (I wouldn’t)

She hated it. I hated it by the end. The sleepyhead was the best purchase we made in this regard. Doing it again I’d probably buy a co-sleeper.

3) Sleep on the couch (I would)

Co-sleeping frightens the bejesus out of all new parents. I think we should give ourselves a break here. Practically everyone I know did it at one point or another. Sometimes it’s the only way to get any sleep. Some did it for a few nights, some for a few weeks.. others are probably still doing it but not telling anyone.

If you’ve trawled the internet like I have trying to find out how to do this safely you’ll have realised that no one is willing to help you here. Everything says not to do it. In particular the most dangerous thing you can do with your baby is fall asleep on the couch. I can’t tell you how many times my husband told me not to fall asleep with the baby on the couch. I did it a couple of times.. maybe even a few times.. she slept on my chest in the deepest most blissful sleep possible. I don’t have loads of cushions on my couch and the there is no bit she could get stuck down the back of. I still felt terrible every time it happened. But I was so tired!!

Doing it again I would sit down, put my feet up, baby up, tv on and SLEEP, BLISSFUL SLEEP FOR MANY HOURS.

4) Stay in maternity clothes (I would)

Don’t get my wrong I was more than keen to get my old body back, or as close to it as was possible. But maternity clothes are lovely.. they are stretchy and ACCOMMODATING and there are no buttons to feel bad about not being able to close. I miss my maternity jeans. Yes, pulling them up incessantly was a pain when I was huge but post baby they were perfect. The big band actually made me look smaller (at least I thought it did). No muffin top. Lovely.

Obviously I don’t recommend them indefinitely.. but I’d definitely enjoy them for a bit longer if I was doing it all again.

5) Invest in decent underwear (I would)

I read somewhere that if you are planning on breastfeeding you should spend as much on a nursing bra as you would on a meal out. I thought that was nonsense. I didn’t, I wish I had. I mean the first few weeks when your breasts produce milk as and when they feel like it and your bra smells like sour milk most of the time or is stained from nipple cream etc. then don’t be putting on your finest but once that all calms down a good bra is a great investment. No one should have to get excited when they finally get to put on an underwired bra again. Do your self a favour and sort out the ladies.

Knickers – go big and go comfy is usually my advise. Never wear a thong when you have a newborn. You never know how long you are going to be sitting for in any one day. And your bum may not appreciate the cheese wire in your crack like it once did.