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October 2015

Bottle battle..

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting baby to take a bottle. She was 8 months before she would tolerate it at all and even then she wouldn’t sit back and drink a whole one – she drank it like people drink tea – a sip every few minutes. Eventually at about 10 months she finally gave in. In fact it looked like she quite enjoyed it every now and again. It’s been a huge change for me to be able to have a proper break from her. I haven’t really taken full advantage of my new found freedom but having my husband put her to bed after more than 10 months of sole responsibility is fantastic. Going back to work it’s been such a relief to know that he can manage without me if he needs to.

But you know what’s not fantastic? 10 months of trying to get her to take a bottle, 2 months of her actually taking it and now at 1 it’s bad for her and I need to get her to stop??

Of course breastfeeding her until she is two is not only ok, it’s encouraged. Giving her a bottle is tantamount to child abuse!

So what happens if I want to stop breastfeeding? I have to deal with the guilt of stopping something that she absolutely loves and I can’t even replace it with a substitute? Oh ffs. Call Childline.. I have no plans to stop giving my 1 year old milk going to bed.

You know you’re a mammy when…

  • You look forward to having your fanny waxed because it’s a hour on your own
  • You feel like wearing a sign that says ‘the baby is being looked after’ when you are out without her
  • You return several supermarket trolleys for being banjaxed before you realise that’s just the difference between a trolley and a buggy
  • You fully believe that washing your hands with a baby wipe is perfectly acceptable
  • You realise half way through Gymboree that you haven’t brushed your teeth that day and spend the rest of the class trying not to open your mouth

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