Been on the down low for a few weeks.. and it’s all change here.

Teeth? She has a gob full of them and they kindly all arrived while we were on holiday.. she went for one to 5 in the space of two weeks and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. To be fair she was great during the day but getting her to bed at night has been nothing short of misery. I’m not sure if it was teeth or the new environment or the double whammy but she point blank refused to go to bed every night for over a week.. it got back to normal but her sleep through the night is gone to shite since.

To add to our woes after a fortnight with the grandparents we headed for a family holiday in Spain which threw another spanner in the works. Heat, teeth and a renewed fondness for midnight snacks (and 4am and 6am) we seem to be back at square one with regard the night feeds. We got back a tiny bit of normality when we got home but she has been waking twice a night since – once for a cuddle or a song or a back rub and another for a feed. And it seems that after the exhaustion of holidays neither Mammy or Daddy has the will to fight her on this one. It’s the path of least resistance to get her back to sleep. Will she ever grow out of it or can someone please tell me how to get her sleeping through again? Answers on a postcard please.

I swore when we got home I’d never go on holiday again.. not until she is old enough to put herself to bed anyway. It’s not like holidays are any fun with a baby anyway.. I mean there is the fun of playing with them in the pool and on the beach and all that but you can’t go out for lunch because they sleep at lunchtime and you can’t go out for dinner because they are in bed. Lying in the sun is a distant memory because you’re so shit scared of getting them burnt. So you come back a pale, exhausted shadow of your former self. The only addition is the scars of the mosquito bites that are magnified to epic proportions against the backdrop of your pasty shins and ankles.