It’s about 10 days before she turns 10 months and finally a tooth is trying to break through. It’s your run of the mill bottom front tooth. She is taking it all in her stride so far apart from a bit of whinging during the night and after some really good sleep throughs she is back to waking up around 4 or 5am, only this week she is rejecting Daddy’s efforts to get her back to sleep ARRRGGGHHHH.. so it’s back to boob once a night at the moment. It’s frustrating but I once read that the rule book goes out the window when they’re sick, teething and pretty much any time they’re going through a hard time.

And you know at 4am I am ready for a battle because I am exhausted and frustrated and I get angry and I’m horrible to my husband who is already upset because he feels useless once more. Then I need to stand back and get real with myself.. if I feed her and put her back to bed we are done and dusted in under 20 minutes, often it’s much quicker than this. And she is so small and she needs me.. and then I have to realise that I was right all along and those motherfuckers who say their kids have been sleeping through the night from 6 weeks are complete and utter shite peddlers.. and those of them who are not lying are going to get a rude awakening one of these days.. hopefully when she is back to sleeping peacefully.