You know you’re a parent when you get excited about shit. I mean actual poo. It’s one of the topics most frequently discussed by couples new to parenthood, admittedly 99% of the time you’re talking about the baby’s shit but just to mix things up you have to cast the net a bit wider than just baby’s bowel movements sometimes.

The cat got spayed the other day and she is in a deep, deep depression since. The cone of shame weighs very heavy on her and it’s heart breaking. She wasn’t eating much and therefore her loo activities ground to a halt.. to the point where we moved the litter tray to our room so she didn’t have to haul ass downstairs to relieve herself. A few days passed without a dump. Then she lets loose about 3 days in. And it’s smiles all round (except her, cats rarely smile).  A day or two passes before she goes again. I’m sitting in the living room watching TV after baby is gone to bed and in walks husband proudly brandishing said shit (in a bag before you ask) and announcing like proud father that the litter box is back in action! Hurray! I can’t help but wonder when it was ok to walk around the house cheering a bag of shit but what the hell you have to be happy for the poor little fella.. he doesn’t get out much these days and he is feeling guilty about having the cat spayed.