So after 3 months of cooking for her, not cooking for her, trying every Ella’s kitchen dish on the market. Baby led weaning (baby won’t be led/doesn’t want to wean) one day she just starts eating. I’m cooking for her and she is sometimes eating it!

I guess we are doing BLW now, in so far as she is totally in control. She is eating white fish, potato cakes, fish cakes, turkey burgers & sausages, beef burgers. Anything she can pick up and gum down. She still has no teeth so I can sort of understand her difficulty with food to be fair. Vegetables are not popular but she likes fruit so in the interest of my mental health I am letting that one go for the time being.

And sorry to disappoint but eating during the day has made absolutely no difference whatsoever to her waking at night.. in that she still does it.. at the same time.. every night.