So we’re in the park the other day, we meaning baby, baby daddy and mammy. We bump into one of our NCT ‘friends’.. our NCT group wouldn’t be what you might call close. We don’t see much of these two, and we’re not cut up about it.

So the other Daddy asks the same question he always asks and the only that other parents care about – is she sleeping through? in fact let me break it down like this..

Him: How is she sleeping? What time does she wake up at?
Me: Not too bad, getting better.
My husband: Yeah, she wakes once or twice a night now. But sleeps until 7 or 8.
Me: (Tries to kill husband with the evil eye, fails) No, she only wakes once a night now.. hasn’t woken up twice in ages! Silly man..
My husband: Oh yeah just once a night around 4. Then back to sleep until 7ish.
Me: Or 8.
Other daddy: Oh ours is sleeping through now.. yep, it’s great. He is up at 5am but he sleeps through until then.
Us: Oh great yeah, we’re lucky she goes back to sleep until – actually it was 8.45 the other day.
Other daddy: Yeah but at least he sleeps through at last.
Us: (walking away) – how the fuck did they win that??? He is up at 5am but they won???
Me: that’s your fault you gobshite – when was the last time she woke up twice in the night??????