She is doing this now.. started last week.. a few days before her 9 month birthday. I have been wanting this for ages because of the unspoken completion (you know the one, don’t pretend). She looks so cute when she does it. She can chase the cat now. She can get over to the coffee table where my tea is (the cold cup that I never get to drink) she is pulling the leg of the table.. I’ll just move that away.

She is so cute.. ah she is over behind the armchair, nothing sharp in there, no harm can come of this. What has she got there? An electrical cable? What is that attached to? The fan above her head?? Noooooo!!!! Put the fan away.

She is upstairs now but I am with her so no harm can come to her. Cat walks past, mocking her, she is suddenly very quick at crawling. AND SO CLOSE TO THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. I need stair gates – but I just decorated the hall and it’s so nice and grown up looking and stair gates will ruin the look and what do you mean the good ones get screwed into the walls? My lovely walls?

I don’t like crawling. Walking might be easier, less dangerous. Let’s get working on that little lady.